Galilee Grace Christian Academy


Our Philosophy
Statement of Faith
(from) The President
Our Location
The Staff
Central Values

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v        Galilee is committed to develop learners who will be able to know, to do, to live in harmony with the community, to be like Christ, to leave a legacy and to live a life eternal with God.


v        Pupils & personnel of Galilee will evolve into independent learners, creative and critical thinkers who are excited about school & enthusiastic about learning and about living; able to cope with the challenges of life effectively, efficiently.


v        Galilee will provide a Biblical Christian academic curriculum, co-curriculum and meaningful experience that is relevant to the nature and needs of the pupils and of the society; enhanced by technology and enriched by culture, Galilee will provide programs that will develop leaders that gives value for transformation of the Filipino and humanity;


v        Galilee is devoted to develop the “multiple intelligences” (Interpersonal, Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Naturalist, Musical, Interpersonal); Galilee is dedicated to provide children, families and the community with opportunities for the appreciation, expression and distinction in culture and arts, in technology, in faith and in love, to develop as a whole person; we will be parent’s and government’s partner in national development as we provide meaningful opportunities for learning and application; and develop lifelong learners.

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B3 L2 Bulacan Meadows Subd.,
Cay Pombo, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, PHILIPPINES